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Blast Away: Secrets of the Pressure Washing Pro

Unlocking the power of pressure washing can help homeowners and pros alike attain impeccable results for a variety of applications. In this article, we will explore common mistakes to avoid when pressure washing, as well as review the top equipment and techniques for consistently successful results.

Unlocking the Power of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a powerful tool that can help to eliminate tough dirt and grime both inside and outside of one’s property. This versatile technique can be used to wash driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios and even some outdoor furniture. Moreover, it can also be used inside to clean kitchen surfaces, appliances and more. Pressure washing can be used to maintain the cleanliness of a property, increase curb appeal, and even remove hazardous organisms like mould and mildew.

However, using pressure washing without the proper knowledge of its power can be dangerous. For instance, using too much pressure can cause damage to many surfaces, and can even cause more problems than it solves. Similarly, using pressure washers on certain surfaces can cause cracking and staining. Therefore, it is important to consult a professional before using pressure washing to make sure an effective yet safe technique is used.

In addition, the pressure washer and related accessories should fit the specific job. For instance, a homeowner may consider a gas pressure washer for outdoor needs that require more power than an electric pressure washer can deliver. In contrast, an electric pressure washer may be the most appropriate for indoor surfaces, as it can produce less power and its noise levels are usually considerably better than that of a gas pressure washer. The nozzle type must also be taken into consideration. A nozzle with a narrow angle is best for more delicate surfaces, while a wider angle is ideal for removing thick dirt and grime from concrete.

As a result, it is important to use pressure washing when performed properly. Knowing the difference between the power required for different tasks, and the nozzle types best suited for various needs all factor into effective pressure washing. With knowledge and the right equipment, pressure washing can be an effective way to rid one’s property from a variety of caked on dirt, grime and even hazardous organisms. Pressure washing can truly unlock the power of maintaining a pristine environment both inside and outside one’s property.

Common Mistakes in Pressure Washing and How to Avoid Them

One of the biggest mistakes people make when pressure washing is starting with too high of a pressure setting. This can cause irreparable damage to surfaces, such as wood decks, brick, stucco, siding, and other materials. Consequently, it is important to start on a low-pressure setting and increase pressure as needed.

Not pre-treating surfaces prior to pressure washing can be a costly mistake. By pre-treating, dirt and debris are loosened allowing for easier clean up. Simply running the pressure washer is not usually enough to clean surfaces and a specialized cleaner is often required.

Renters and even some experienced homeowners believe any water hose is good enough for pressure washing, but this is not true. In order to avoid kinks and bends, it is recommended to use a garden hose specifically designed for pressure washers, which are less likely to experience additional wear and tear.

On the other hand, an even worse mistake is not properly using the safety features of a power washer. Improper use of the safety cord and improper protection from the spray can result in pain and injury. Therefore, personal safety should always be the number one priority and it is important to pay attention to the safety precautions outlined by the manufacturer.

Using the proper amount of detergent is another mistake that is easy to make. Too little detergent will not effectively clean the surface and too much can lead to streak marks, requiring more work to remove. In addition, it is important to make sure the detergent is environmentally friendly as some chemicals can create runoff, negatively affecting the environment.

As a result, pressure washing can be a simple and effective way to maintain properties. However, it is important to be aware of potential mistakes and take steps to avoid them. This will ensure a safe and successful experience.

Top Equipment Every Pressure Washing Pro Should Own

Pressure washing professionals offer a valuable service. To be successful, they need the right equipment. However, these items can be costly, so it is important for a pressure washer to invest in the right supplies. Here is a list of the top equipment that every pressure washing pro should own.

The most essential piece of equipment is a quality pressure washer. This device should produce at least 2000 to 3000 psi of pressure and have a gpm rating of at least four. This machine will be able to tackle the toughest jobs. Furthermore, a professional should invest in a durable, quality hose and wand. They should opt for one that is lightweight and designed to withstand high pressure.

Next, a pressure washer needs multiple nozzles for different jobs. For example, a 25 degree nozzle applies detergent and a fan-shaped nozzle cleans hard-to-reach surfaces. In contrast, a 40-degree nozzle removes dirt, while a 15-degree nozzle is perfect for tougher cleaning jobs. Similarly, a rotary turbo nozzle removes stubborn deposits. Therefore, a professional should have a variety of nozzles on-hand for the jobs they come across.

A piece of essential safety equipment is personal protective clothing. This includes safety goggles, fire-retardant clothing, and waterproof boots. Wearing a helmet with a face shield stocked with chemical-resistant gloves are an absolute must.

Finally, pressure washers should have a high-quality water filter. This will help to strain out any dirt, sand, or debris before entering the pressure washer. As a result, pressure washers will reduce the risk of clogs, which could potentially damage their equipment.

Investing in the right equipment is the key to any successful pressure washing business. These essential pieces of equipment should always be kept in-stock to ensure a professional can complete any job.

Techniques for Impeccable Results Every Time

Achieving impeccable results with power washing requires mastering a set of techniques that go beyond simply blasting away dirt and grime:

  • Pressure Control: Adjust the pressure of your power washer according to the surface you’re cleaning. Lower pressure settings are suitable for delicate surfaces like wood, while higher pressure can be used on tougher surfaces like concrete. Finding the right balance prevents damage and ensures a thorough clean.
  • Maintain Consistent Distance: Maintain a consistent distance between the power washer nozzle and the surface. This prevents streaks and uneven cleaning. Typically, a distance of 6-12 inches is ideal, but it may vary depending on the pressure and surface.
  • Angle Matters: Angle the nozzle correctly for optimal coverage. Aim it at a 45-degree angle to the surface to prevent water from getting underneath or causing damage. Experiment with angles to find the most effective one for your specific cleaning task.
  • Choose the Right Detergent: Utilize appropriate detergents for your power washing task. Specialized detergents are available for various surfaces, such as siding, decks, or driveways. Using the right detergent can make a significant difference in the cleaning results.
  • Proper Drainage: Ensure that your property has adequate drainage to prevent water pooling. This not only enhances the cleaning process but also prevents potential water damage to your home or landscaping.

By following these five power washing techniques, you can consistently achieve impeccable results and keep your property looking its best.

Final Thoughts

Pressure washing is a powerful tool for maintaining surfaces clean and prepared for painting and other uses; however, the technique comes with its own set of challenges. Common mistakes made by novice and experienced pressure washers alike include failing to adhere to safety measures, selecting the wrong pressure settings and attachments, and choosing inappropriate cleaning agents. Fortunately, high-quality pressure washing machines, attachments, and cleaning agents, as well as proper safety gear, can help avoid many of these mistakes, leading to more effective, efficient, and safe outcomes. Meanwhile, various techniques can be employed to ensure immaculate results every time, including pre-soaking stains, opting for hot water use, and avoiding high pressure jets near sensitive surfaces. All in all, by employing the right equipment, proper safety measures, and appropriate techniques, pressure washing can be used to achieve excellent results. Call Ace for your pressure wash today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Power washing and pressure washing are both forms of exterior cleaning. Power washing uses hot water set to a high pressure to remove stubborn dirt, mold, and grime. Pressure washing uses cold water set to a lower pressure, and is most effective on less stubborn dirt, mold, and grime. The difference is the temperature and pressure of the water used for each.

How often should I pressure wash my home or driveway?

The frequency of pressure washing your home or driveway depends on the climate where you live and how much dirt or grime build-up you have. For example, if you live in an area with frequent rain and snowfall, you might need to pressure wash every six months or so. If you live in an arid region with less rain and snowfall, you might only need to pressure wash every year or two. Generally speaking, if you can visibly see dirt and grime building up, that’s usually a good indication it’s time to pressure wash.

Is pressure washing safe for all surfaces?

No, pressure washing is not safe for all surfaces. Certain materials, such as wood, aluminum siding, stucco, and vinyl siding, are more likely to be damaged by pressure washing. It is also not recommended for asphalt, which can become soft and prone to damage. If unsure, it is always best to consult a professional before pressure washing any surface.

What detergent or cleaning solution should I use with my pressure washer?

The best type of detergent or cleaning solution for a pressure washer will depend on the type of surface you are cleaning and the type of grime or dirt you need to remove. Generally, most pressure washer manufacturers recommend using a detergent with a low-foaming formulation designed specifically for pressure washers. You should also check the user manual for any specific recommendations.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Clean Air Ducts: A Guide for Homeowners

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned is of utmost importance for the overall health and well-being of your home and its occupants. Maintaining clean air ducts is crucial for ensuring energy efficiency and good indoor air quality. Understanding the importance and role of air ducts in energy efficiency is essential in knowing how to properly care for air ducts. There are signs to look for that may indicate when your air ducts need professional cleaning services. The importance of professional air duct cleaning services in Greenville, SC, and surrounding areas should not be overlooked, as it not only promotes energy efficiency but also results in a healthier living environment.

The Importance of Clean Air Ducts

Over time, air ducts accumulate dust, allergens, pet dander, mold spores, and other contaminants, which can be circulated throughout your living spaces every time the HVAC system runs. This can lead to poor indoor air quality, triggering allergies, respiratory issues, and other health problems.

It is essential to maintain clean air ducts for the improved air quality they provide. Air ducts are often overlooked in terms of cleanliness, however Ace Carpet Cleaning provides services for air duct cleaning. It can be difficult for homeowners to clean all of the dust, dirt, mold and debris that can accumulate in the air ducts. The specialized equipment and chemicals utilized by Ace Carpet Cleaning provide effective cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment.

Understanding the Role of Air Ducts in Energy Efficiency

Moreover, clean air ducts are essential for efficient operation of the air conditioner and heating systems. Dirty air ducts can cause a system to run ineffectively, leading to higher energy costs. Additionally, air ducts that are not cleaned thoroughly can become clogged, reducing the quality of the air and resulting in allergens and pollutants that irritate those exposed to them.

In addition, Ace Carpet Cleaning can also address issues such as blocked or clogged vents so that the airflows throughout the home as intended. By cleaning the air ducts, you improve airflow and optimize the HVAC system’s performance, resulting in better energy efficiency and cost savings. Moreover, by reducing strain on the system, regular air duct cleaning can extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements, and saving you money in the long run.

Understanding the role of air ducts in energy efficiency is vitally important for businesses like Ace Carpet Cleaning to stay both effective and efficient. Properly maintained and insulated air ducts improve an HVAC system’s capability by efficiently managing air flow and reducing energy cost. When air conditions systems are running inefficiently, it results in higher energy costs and a shortened life span.

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Knowing when your air ducts need professional cleaning can help maintain a healthy indoor environment and prolong the life of your HVAC system. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to schedule a professional air duct cleaning:

  • Visible Dust and Debris: If you notice excessive dust, dirt, or debris around your air vents or on the air registers, it may be a sign that your air ducts are dirty and need cleaning.
  • Poor Air Quality: If you experience a persistent musty or stale smell in your home, or if family members suffer from unexplained allergies or respiratory issues, it could be an indication of contaminated air ducts spreading pollutants throughout your living space.
  • Mold Growth: If you detect mold growth inside your air ducts or around the air vents, it’s crucial to address the issue immediately. Mold spores can be harmful when circulated in the air, potentially causing health problems.
  • Inefficient HVAC System: If your heating or cooling system is not performing as efficiently as before, or if you notice an increase in your energy bills without a clear reason, clogged air ducts may be to blame, hindering proper airflow and causing the system to work harder.
  • Recent Home Renovations: If you have recently undergone home renovations or remodeling projects, there may be construction debris and dust inside the air ducts, necessitating a thorough cleaning to remove these particles.

If you observe any of these signs, it’s best to contact a professional HVAC technician to assess your air ducts and recommend the appropriate cleaning solution. Regular professional air duct cleaning will ensure that your home’s indoor air quality remains healthy and your HVAC system operates efficiently.

The Importance of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in Greenville

Carpet and air duct cleaning services are essential services in the Greenville area. First and foremost, air duct cleaning helps improve air quality in Greenville. Due to the accumulation of dirt and debris in air ducts, air quality can be degraded over time, resulting in unhealthy air for the inhabitants and visitors of Greenville. Ace Carpet Cleaning can make sure that air ducts are properly cleaned, ensuring higher levels of air quality.

On the other hand, Ace Carpet Cleaning is also important for fire safety issues. The accumulation of dust in air ducts can cause fire hazards, since the dust buildup can act as fuel in fires. Furthermore, all air vents should be regularly inspected for damage, as they can lead to ventilation issues that could allow fires to spread quickly in a home or business. By hiring professional air duct cleaning services, these hazards can be quickly and effectively taken care of, thus providing peace of mind to those in Greenville.

As a result, it is apparent that professional air duct cleaning services are essential for a variety of reasons. Ace Carpet Cleaning is the foremost provider of these services in the Greenville area, ensuring customer satisfaction with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Ultimately, air duct cleaning is an important part of the health and safety of the inhabitants of the area.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Near You

In conclusion, professional air duct cleaning plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and efficient living environment. By removing accumulated dust, allergens, mold, and debris from the air ducts, it significantly improves indoor air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies for you and your family. Moreover, the efficient airflow achieved through professional cleaning enhances the performance of your HVAC system, leading to lower energy consumption and decreased utility bills. Regularly investing in professional air duct cleaning not only ensures the well-being of your loved ones but also prolongs the lifespan of your HVAC system, saving you from costly repairs and replacements. Embracing the importance of professional air duct cleaning is a proactive step towards a cleaner, safer, and healthier home that you can truly breathe easy in.

Ace Carpet Cleaning is a great option to consider for cleaning carpets in South Carolina. Ace Carpet Cleaning specializes in carpet cleaning for commercial and residential properties throughout the state. They offer a variety of cleaning services that not only fix current issues, but prevent future problems as well.

Ace Carpet Cleaning offers steam cleaning as a way to remove dirt and allergens from all type of carpets. Steam cleaning is a highly effective method that often involves a pre-spray to break down dirt before high-pressure hot water is injected down into the carpet pile. The water is then extracted away, taking away all the dirt, dust and bacteria from your carpet. This method of cleaning is recommended to be done on a regular basis in order to stay on top of allergens and odors in a home or business.

In addition, Ace Carpet Cleaning also has an incredible pet-safe cleaning treatment to help customers maintain carpets that are primarily used by pets. This service is ideal for those who own pets, as it will help to reduce pet odor and allergens, while also using a special cleaning solution to make the carpets look new again. This process involves a pretreatment, hot water extraction, and finally a deodorizer to ensure your home is fresh and vibrant.

On the other hand, Ace Carpet Cleaning also provides a cleaning solution for rugs and upholstery. This is an excellent way to spruce up furniture in a home or business. Ace Carpet Cleaning can clean all types of rugs, from handmade to expensive carpets. Moreover, upholstery cleaning can help customers reduce allergens and maintain the furniture in rooms.

Similarly, the team at Ace Carpet Cleaning is available for emergency cleaning. This service is designed to get carpets cleaned in a pinch for events or fixes right away. This kind of emergency cleaning utilizes a unique solution and machinery to ensure that carpets are dry and clean within an hour.

Consequently, if you are looking for carpet or upholstery cleaning in South Carolina, Ace Carpet Cleaning is a great choice. They provide a number of services to meet everyone’s individual needs from steam cleaning to pet-safe treatments. As a result, Ace Carpet Cleaning is a great way to maintain the cleanliness of any home or business.


In conclusion, keeping your air ducts clean is an essential part of proper air quality in both residential and commercial properties. Poorly maintained air ducts can cause a myriad of health problems, reduced efficiency as well as damage to the environment. Understanding the role of air ducts in energy efficiency, signs that your air ducts need regular cleaning as well as the importance of professional air duct cleaning services Greenville SC are important factors in making sure that the air inside the facility is of the highest quality. Clean and maintained air ducts are a key part of an energy efficient home or business and help promote healthy indoor air that everyone can enjoy.

Dirty carpets hold lots of dust, germs and possible virus particles

Sanitize Your Carpets With Regular Carpet Cleaning!

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Anderson ScSome things have to be done regularly. Exercise, studies, gardening, housekeeping etc are some of the tasks that come under this category. When it comes to house-keeping, some tasks like carpet cleaning are not easy jobs. They need quality assessment and expert intervention. Only then can you have dazzlingly clean and sparkling carpets. You have to make sure that you get your carpets cleaned regularly and do not overlook this aspect, because it is important to keep your home virus free.

Dirty carpets hold lots of dust, germs and possible virus particles and this is obviously bad for the health of you and your family. Even if you vacuum clean regularly, the vacuuming is not able to make your carpets totally dust free and odorless. Especially if you have pets in your house, the carpets tend to get dirtier due to their dirty feet and occasional urine. The pet’s urine stains and odors are indelible.

How steam carpet cleaning ensures quality protection for your carpets?

Only steam cleaning can give guaranteed results for your carpets and take away all the dust and dirt accumulation in the carpets. But when you hire expert carpet cleaners in Anderson SC, they do a pre-vacuuming before steam cleaning it. This ensures that the carpets take steam well and drive away all the dust and dirt accumulated in the carpets. The gritty dust particles need special treatment and unless you do steam cleaning, it is hard to do. Also you must ensure to hire professional carpet cleaners that have been trained well to handle the job perfectly. The steam cleaning and sanitization done by these expert cleaners break down the urine too and releases mere carbon dioxide and water, thus leaving your carpets odorless. You may even get the carpets deodorized for better results.

Your carpets will look like new

Yes, if you are tired of walking and talking over the dirty mattresses and carpets, they can really sparkle within a day with thorough carpet cleaning. The experts have quality instruments and give your carpets a treatment with which they look new as if they were just installed! Also your family will enjoy great health due to sanitized and well-kept carpets and upholstery. Moreover, with the carpet cleaning, if you ask for upholstery cleaning too, you may enjoy massive discounts! Go online today and opt for professional carpet cleaning professionals that are IICRC certified. This will also ensure that your cleaners are trustworthy and experts.

Many people opt for regular carpet cleaning because they know how important it is to have dazzlingly clean carpets. The physical health you seek with this cleaning is unmatched. Especially if you have children at home with high susceptibility for recurrent respiratory infections, carpet cleaning will surely boost positive health among them. And when it comes to health of your children and your family, you obviously do not want to take any chance!

However, remember to choose your carpet cleaning company wisely so that you do not succumb to false claims of so-called expert carpet cleaners and dent your pocket deeply. Instead opt for professionals and leave all responsibility unto them. They know their jobs really well!

Call now for expert water extraction! (864) 483-0061

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Extracting water from a leak is much different than most people think

Water Extraction and the Issues Involved

Water Extraction Service In Anderson ScWater Extraction Issues in Anderson

Most homeowners and property managers pride themselves in maintaining their homes and/or buildings and pay special attention to preventative measures. However, there are various issues that can create water damage and require water extraction that even the most diligent people can not avoid. Issues such as burst pipes, water heater leaks, broken sprinkler heads and toilet over-flows are just some of the scenarios you could be faced with.

Extracting water from a leak is much different than most people think. People mistakenly believe that if they dry the water right around the leak and feel elsewhere and it seems dry, then they are good. Unfortunately, water will find its way through the smallest of holes and/or cracks. It will run down walls and seep underneath carpet. Since standing water can create mold, it is vital that you ensure all water has been extracted!

When you have a leak, often times the water will flow to the next floor down. Water then becomes trapped in the wall cavities and if it is a commercial building, fills up the C channel that holds the metal framing. If the walls have insulation, then the insulation acts like a sponge and will hold the water for weeks and possibly even months depending upon the conditions. To make matter worse, foil backed insulation actually creates a barrier to prevent the moisture from escaping. To solve this problem, you must first make sure that all materials and areas have had any standing water extracted. To do this, a moisture meter is used as well as your eyes to follow the path that the water could have traveled. (A moisture meter is a piece of equipment that restoration companies use that allows them to measure the extent of moisture in most materials and provide accurate and reliable readings. Most insurance companies will look at the numbers when the company arrived and once the restoration is complete to verify that the work was performed correctly and completely.) Like Sherlock Holmes, a responsible water restoration company will use their Moisture Meter to test every possible area that either appears wet or could potentially be wet. The rule of thumb is to never assume that something is not wet; it is better to test now, then to have problems later!

Water can also travel into adjoining rooms. Many property owners and property managers will use their hands to determine if the carpet has gotten wet. When they feel the dry carpet, they don’t realize the water has flowed underneath the carpet and/or pad. To solve this issue, a restoration company will use a moisture meter to see if the carpet is wet. If it is, they will lift the carpet and perform water extraction.

As with all wet materials, once the extraction has taken place, the next step is to bring in air blowers and commercial dehumidifiers to dry all the areas where there was standing water. These commercial pieces of equipment work much more effectively and efficiently than the residential ones that you can purchase at your local hardware store.

In conclusion, never assume anything is dry by using your hands. Walls and flooring can still be wet underneath. It is important to remember that a Wet/Dry-Vac and a fan may not extract all your water from a leak. Water extraction that is missed in certain areas or performed incorrectly can create secondary issues such as mold growth, odor and damages to walls and flooring. To properly protect you and your family and/or tenants from health risks and legal liability it may be necessary to hire a restoration company to assist you with your water extraction in Anderson SC. Their expertise will go a long way towards helping your peace of mind!

Call now for expert water extraction! (864) 483-0061

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To remove pet stains, you need to take a quick action

The Right Company For Pet Stains and Carpet Cleaning

Pet Stain Removal In AndersonPets are like our family members. But when they cause intolerable messes around the house, the odors can linger in carpets forever unless you get to the source. Pet stain removal and carpet cleaning is something that all pet owners need to deal with at one time or another.

If your prized carpet is tarnished by a pet stain, and what follows is even worse, as you now have to endure embarrassing pet stain odor until you find a way to get rid of either the stain, odor or carpet!

To remove pet stains, you need to take a quick action. The longer the odor molecules are allowed to be left on the carpet or flooring, the harder it will get or you to get rid of the stains fully. Therefore it is crucial that if your carpet has been dirtied by a pet stain, call a carpet cleaning company as soon as you can.

The right company for pet stains and carpet cleaning will have a team of experts to help all pet owners care for their pets and keep their homes smelling fresh all the time. Their solutions for carpet cleaning will be organic, which will neither cause health damage to the pets, members of the family, the carpets nor the environment. They would use organic, non-toxic, chemical free hypoallergenic pet stain removing and carpet cleaning solutions to  make sure your pets stay healthy and so do the family members.

The right company for pet stains and carpet or mattress cleaning will first of all identify various contaminated zones and then deal with each one of them separately.

Like for example they will carry out several different inspection processes to identify the areas of urine contamination and to break the chemical bonds behind the urine odor molecules, they will use a specially-designed pre-cleaner to soak the area.

The right company for pet stains and mattress or carpet cleaning will comprise qualified and experienced people, company using the highest quality equipment and products, and where the employees are bonded and insured. If you have found such a company all that is now left to be done is call up people who have hired their services in the past and take their opinion. If they give you a positive feedback you have found the right company for pet stains and carpet cleaning.

For further free professional advice on pet odor removal in Anderson, carpet & Rug Cleaning or Mattress Cleaning you can call the number below.

Call now to get your carpets cleaned! (864) 483-0061

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Spring is a time of year when many people are inspired to work on their homes

Spring Into Action With Seasonal Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning In Anderson ScSpring is a time of year when many people are inspired to work on their homes. Whether it is carrying out repairs, decorating, cleaning, clearing out clutter, and generally getting the property looking great inside and out. A good spring clean is something that a lot of people like to do every year. There are many different things that you can do in order to ensure your home is sparkling when spring rolls around. By carrying out a spring clean each year, you can also ensure that your home is in great shape ready for the summer, so you can make the most of the warmer months with the hard work already finished.

A lot of people decide that the spring is a great time to refresh the décor in the property, and with this in mind they may re-paper or get to work on painting the walls. It is also a great time to replace things such as drapes and cushion covers, getting rid of the darker winter colors and switching to lighter ones ready for the spring and summer. You can even get to work on the garden and exterior areas doing everything from planting your spring bulbs through to carrying out minor repairs and paint jobs outside.

Add carpet cleaning services in Anderson to the list

Another way in which to ensure that your property is beautifully clean in time for summer is to add carpet cleaning to your spring cleaning list. Carpets can get very dirty over the course of a year, particularly during the cold winter months when there might be all sorts of debris, mud, rain water and melted snow from footwear being ground into the carpets. Spring is an excellent time to turn to a professional carpet cleaning service in order to get this sorted out by having those carpets deep cleaned.

While you may not realize how dirty your carpets have become during the fall and winter months, the dirt from footwear during these seasons can be hidden deep in the carpet fibers. Even if you vacuum each day, you will probably struggle to come anywhere near reaching it with standard equipment. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning service providers have the special tools and equipment necessary to get even ground in dirt from your carpets.

Additional benefits from using carpet cleaning services

In addition to helping get your home ready for spring and summer, using a carpet cleaning service as part of your seasonal home clean can benefit you in many others ways. One thing to bear in mind is that a deep clean can help to extend the life of your carpets so including this as part of your spring clean could help to ultimately save you money on the cost of worn carpets.

The spring and summer months are often the worst for allergy sufferers, as some allergies can really be exacerbated during these seasons. However, a deep clean of the carpets in your home can help to remove allergens from the fibers and can help to improve air quality, so you can look forward to cleaner, more breathable air.

If you are looking to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned as part of your spring cleaning regime, you can turn to the expertise and experience of professionals. That is where Ace Carpet Cleaning in Anderson SC come in.

Call now to get your carpets cleaned! (864) 483-0061

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You should consider using a professional carpet cleaning service if your carpet embarrasses

Using A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

AceYou should consider using a professional carpet cleaning service if your carpet embarrasses you when visitors come to your home or if you have to maintain a good impression in your office or showroom. Using the right method to clean your carpets can make a big difference to their appearance and to their lifespan and – if you run a business – to your profits!

Prospective clients, if faced with dirty carpets, will be wondering if you take the same lazy, sloppy attitude in your work, and will likely think twice before hiring your services or ordering your products. The cost of cleaning the carpets in your offices suddenly becomes less significant when compared to the cost of lost business, future or current.

By having your carpets deep cleaned, they can be returned to their original brightness and fluffiness without the use of harsh chemicals that can damage them. And you no longer have to wait days for soaking wet carpets to dry out as you would if you scrubbed them with a traditional carpet shampoo.

Professional carpet cleaning can deep clean your carpets right down to the base. The usual processes used are hot water or steam, but there is now an alternative. Low-moisture carpet cleaning systems can now clean your carpet thoroughly and deeply, while leaving them dry enough to use immediately.

This type of system allows you and your family -or your customers – to be able to walk on the carpets just minutes after they been cleaned. Imagine how important this would be if you run a hotel or guest house! Such very low moisture methods utilize the best of the other techniques available to offer a solution that neither abrades the fibres of your carpet, as traditional cleaning methods can do, nor soaks the carpet and the floor underneath if the water collection system is not as efficient as it should be.

Low moisture carpet cleaning – sometimes called dry carpet cleaning – can clean your carpet effectively and efficiently, and can clean a pure wool carpet without soaking it and causing the fibres to shrink, and a synthetic fibre carpet without damaging these fibres or fading the colours.

Nor will it wet your floor or underlay underneath, which tends to raise any dirt trapped between the floorboards, the concrete or in the underlay up into the carpet. Have you ever wondered why liquid spilled on your carpet often seems to make much more mess than you would have expected? Wet cleaning methods can dissolve the dirt on and between the floorboards or underlay and draw it up into the carpet.

Not so with the modern very low moisture techniques used today by many professional carpet cleaning services. You carpet is cleaned quickly, effectively and you can use it almost immediately after cleaning. If you carpet is at home, you can have it cleaned and then use it right away without having to tie the kids up to keep them out!

Another advantage of these modern very low moisture cleaning systems is that they are extremely safe for children and pets, especially if you choose a cleaning method which has been independently certified, for example by Green Seal or a similar independent body. They can also reduces allergens such as dust mites by up to 90%. So, if you are any of your family or employees are asthmatic, this is the ideal professional carpet cleaning services for them, and you will be regarded as a responsible employer.

Yes, there are many other carpet cleaning systems in Anderson SC available to you, but modern technology IS wonderful in this case, and more individuals and employers should take the time to find out what solutions there are to make life easier for them, and professional carpet cleaning services that use modern technology are a prime example of that.

Call now to get your carpets cleaned! (864) 483-0061

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With relatives visiting what better time than now to do some holiday cleaning

For Holiday Cleaning You May Want To Hire A Maid In Greenville SC

With relatives visiting for the holidays and your home becoming a warm entertainment space, what better time than now to do some holiday cleaning? Although the holidays tend to bring families together, your house needs to be as ready as you are! Whether you are trying to make space in the guest room dresser doors or have a more functional space for your family, it is time to get some holiday housekeeping services done. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to have the clean home you want!

But are you the one who will be doing the cleaning or would you go to hire maids. Intelligent decision would be to hire maids to do housekeeping services rather than indulging your precious in this auspicious holiday season. Rather than spending time cleaning upholstery, kitchen, bath or even backyard spend the time doing shopping for your dear ones. Holidays are for enjoying the time with your family and not doing all the cleaning your home needs.

Ace Maid ServicesMaids are there who are professionally trained to do the house cleaning using latest cleaning equipment. You just need to leave your keys in the box outside your home and these maids will come in your absence to clean your home. But be sure the maids you hire are insured, bonded and verified. This is required to avoid expenses you might end up paying to maids while doing housekeeping services if they meet with any accident.

Another reason to hire verified maids is to make your home valuables safe in your absence. Nobody would like to be present while cleaning is done. But also no one would like that their valuables are stolen. To avoid this check with the cleaning company if the maids coming at your home have gone through proper verification process.

Once you finalize the maid service in Greenville, the best way to go about housekeeping services is to have a strategy. You should know what you are going to tackle and what you are going to do with the items you find that you can do without. If you find that you do not use an item in your day to day life and that you have not found in useful within the past 3-6 months, consider putting it in the toss/done pile.

Be sure to keep sentimental items in one area so that nothing is accidentally misplaced in the sorting and housekeeping services process. Once you have sorted through all the items and have established what you no longer need, consider donating the items to help the less fortunate during the holiday times. If you are looking to make some extra cash to spoil your loved ones, consider selling some items online or taking clothing to a used clothing store that will pay you for your gently worn items. What is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Ace Maid Services in Greenville SC is all about delivering a consistent, thorough cleaning service each and every we step into your home.  We respect our clients and their homes.  The last thing we want is for you to worry about one of our services.  Our goal is for you to feel completely comfortable with the home services we offer.

Time is something you can’t get back, so we are here to take care of all your house cleaning needs as well as many other needs that may take up your time.  Garage cleaning, basement cleaning, attic cleaning, grocery shopping…  These are just a few of the many concierge services we offer.

Contact Ace Maid Services today and take charge of your time.  Let us handle all your time sucking tasks.

Ace has some roofing tips for you

Not All Roofs Are Created Equal

When deciding on a new roof for your Greenville home, the choices can seem overwhelming. There are so many products available, each offered in numerous colors and styles. With such a big decision, it is no wonder why many people tend to leave the choosing up to the roofing contractor.

The average homeowner will spend only 15 minutes selecting the roof to be installed on their home. Many more will simply replace the old roof with one that is nearly the same product, color and style as the old roof. Getting a new roof is an exciting experience that can revitalize the look of your home. Every homeowner should review all their options before deciding on a roof product.

Roofing Tips

Asphalt Shingles

These are the most common type of roof materials. The majority of homes in America have these shingles, as they tend to be the cheapest option. Asphalt shingles provide good coverage and fire protection in most climates. However, shingles may crack, bend or break in high winds or extreme climates. They also tend to have a shorter life span than alternative roof materials.

Traditional, asphalt shingles are not environmentally friendly and are difficult to dispose of. They are unable to be recycled or reused and end up in landfills. However, recent advancement in shingle materials has produced a recycled composition product. These recycled asphalt shingles are made from recycled rubber and plastic, producing a green roof product that is environmentally conscious.


In recent years, more homeowners have shifted towards roof tiles as the roof product of choice. These tiles come in many colors and are often made from clay, ceramic or slate. Roof tiles are longer lasting than asphalt shingles and are highly fire resistant. Roof tiles tend to be heavier than other roof materials and can be more costly to repair if a tile becomes chipped or broken.

Roof tiles have yet to come out with an explicit “green” product; however, the nature of the tile itself is inherently environmentally friendly. Clay and slate are natural materials found in the earth and do not give off the toxic chemicals found in traditional asphalt shingles.

Wood Shakes

Wood tiles, or shakes, are longer lasting than asphalt shingles and require less maintenance. In general, wood shakes are more resistant to wind and weather damage than asphalt shingles. However, wood shakes are more vulnerable to water damage, mold and mildew. They also require explicit treatment to be considered fire resistant.

Wood shakes are naturally environmentally friendly. They are biodegradable and do not possess any toxic chemicals. However, in recent pressure to conserve trees, many wood shakes are now made from a recycled wood composition.


Metal roofs have become increasingly popular over the years. They are usually made from aluminum, tin, steel or copper. Metal roofs are the longest lasting roof materials and highly weather resistant. Metal roof materials are lightweight and provide better insulation than other roof materials. Metal roofs can be expensive to install or repair.

Metal roofs are can be made from scrap metal, which makes them a great quality green roof product. Old metal roofs can be recycled into new roofs or other metal products.


Ace offers carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet odor removal, tile / grout cleaning and more to Anderson SC and all surrounding areas.

Carpeting is an important investment in your home. The early death of carpets isn’t the result of foot traffic; rather it is frequently associated with stuck soil in the carpet material. Rotating brush machines and daily vacuuming with strong suction removes only 50% of that soil.

To get the required carpet cleaning in Anderson SC you will need a professional carpet cleaning at least once every 6 months.

There are a lot of compelling reasons to integrate ceiling fans in your home

What Are Some Advantages of Using Ceiling Fans?

There are a lot of compelling reasons to integrate ceiling fans with the design of your home that go far beyond just providing cooling to a room. The use of ceiling fans all across the home will help in reducing energy costs, while also being a source of style, comfort and good looking lighting.

Here we bring to you the top benefits that you can get out of a ceiling fan which involves both function and fashion.

Ceiling fans are helpful in lowering energy costs

The use of these fans has the potential to bring your electricity bill by nearly 30% or 40%. Though it does not actually help in decreasing the temperature in a room, the rotation of the air makes you feel as though the room is cool – this allows you to increase the thermostat and still be comfortable in the room.

Here is a design tip for you that you will find very useful. The fans that have stars provided to them based on their energy consumption are normally around 60% more efficient when compared to the conventional fans and units of light, thus offering more savings in energy.

Ceiling fans as accessories happen to be driven by style

They can be bought in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes which helps you in complementing the unique and beautiful style of your room. Fans are not just functional, they are more than that; they have the potential to act as a piece that makes a statement or can be used as the focal point for the room.

Ceiling Fans

Here is another design tip for you that you will find useful. Try to buy fans that have blade sets that can be interchanged. Such kinds of fans help to very easily do a reinvention of the design for your fan that suits your mood. All this can be done without having to replace the whole unit.

Ceiling fans provide versatility from one room to another

Whether they are installed in the bedroom, the living area, the kitchen or the screened porch, they always end up contributing to the environment by making it more enjoyable in almost any of the rooms that form part of a home. In addition to that, the more the number of fans that are put to use all throughout the house, the larger will be the savings when it comes to your energy bill.

Ceiling fans give functional and beautiful illumination

The fans that also have lights give you an opportunity so that you can make your contribution to the lighting design that is layered in your rooms. You just need to pick out a fan that has a light built inside it, or you can easily undertake the installation using a kit for installing fan lights. This will provide you with the general benefits of illumination.

Here is a tip you will find useful. You can pick a lighting kit which coordinates with appliances and fixtures in the other portions of your home.


Ace offers carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet odor removal, tile / grout cleaning and more to Anderson SC and all surrounding areas.

Carpeting is an important investment in your home. The early death of carpets isn’t the result of foot traffic; rather it is frequently associated with stuck soil in the carpet material. Rotating brush machines and daily vacuuming with strong suction removes only 50% of that soil.

To get the required carpet cleaning in Anderson SC you will need a professional carpet cleaning at least once every 6 months.

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