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Following a few proven tips will guarantee cleaner carpets

July 16, 2019

Carpets are still the most popular floor covering in homes today. As a result, carpet manufacturing companies spend millions of dollars on research and development, searching for ways to make their product better and stronger. They want longer lasting, better looking carpets that are more stain resistant, while maintaining an overall feeling of comfort, beauty and elegance.

Carpet cleaning is only one step in a process to maintain great looking carpets. The biggest mistake people make with their carpet is failing to have a regular routine of maintenance to keep their carpet cleaner. Following a few proven tips will guarantee cleaner carpets that look good and last much longer. This will absolutely save you thousands of dollars, prolonging the need to replace your carpets sooner than necessary.

Carpets Before AfterAreas in your home that will show carpet damage the soonest are places where you gather most often, such as in front of a popular couch or chair with a direct path to the TV. Kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways are also high traffic areas. Foyers and stairs always tend to show a lot of foot traffic as well. Bedrooms and other rooms not used as frequently will maintain their beauty for a considerably longer period of time. In real estate the Buzz words are “location, location and location”. For carpet cleaners it’s “vacuum, vacuum and vacuum”. There is no more valuable tip to follow, that will have more benefit to maintain amazing carpets, than frequent vacuuming.

In carpeted areas that don’t receive much use you can get away with vacuuming once a week, but areas that are used regularly need to be vacuumed every day or every other day without fail. This may sound drastic and you may feel it is unnecessary, but try to imagine the irreversible damage caused by sand and grit buried in your carpets.

If you’ve ever seen a home with those ugly pathways in their carpets, or black, matted areas of carpet in front of a favorite chair, then you’ve seen a small example of the damage caused from dirt left in the carpet. Unfortunately, once you can see the damage it is too late to make your carpet look new again. You can clean these areas and they will look better, but there is already a certain amount of permanent damage that will never go away.

Don’t cheap out on the type of vacuum you use. Make sure it cleans effectively, and it will pay you back many times over. Placing small walk off mats strategically throughout your home on the carpeted areas frequently used is another great way to protect your carpet, maintain the beauty and keep your carpet cleaner. They can be decorative to provide some contrast, and if they are light enough you can wash them in your machine.

Also removing your shoes at the front door will save an enormous amount of wear and tear to the carpets. Another common practice to protect the carpet and keep their luxurious appearance is to rearrange your furniture. By changing the walking patterns in a room as well as the sitting areas, you automatically reduce the foot traffic to any one area. This is a simple way to prolong the life of your carpets and keep them beautiful.

Occasions where accidents occur happen in every home, no matter how careful you are. Even more so in homes with kids and pets. Small little drips on the carpet, a drink spill, or even food stains will occur, and being prepared is your best course of action. Having spot cleaning supplies for your carpet is essential. The quicker you remove marks from a carpet or furniture after an accident will determine the likelihood of your success. The longer a stain stays in your carpet the harder it is to remove. Occasional spot cleaning is necessary to maintain great looking rugs.

With pollution coming in from outside, cooking grease settling on your carpets, and everyday dirt, it is necessary to develop a pattern of washing your carpets ( Carpet Cleaning Services in Arlington Texas ). Every 12 to 18 months is recommended, and even more frequently in busy homes. Regular carpet cleaning, either with steam cleaning or dry foam extraction, will maintain a clean, soft luxurious feel in your carpet. They will look amazing, feel amazing, and more importantly last much longer than homes without these routines.

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